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Benefits of Joining a Family Health Team (FHT)

The following are a few of the benefits of joining a FHT:

  • Team approach to your care thereby broadening the knowledge/skill base
  • Shared responsibility for your care amongst clinicians
  • Expertise and services of specialized health care providers
  • Time to discuss managing your chronic illness (e.g. diabetes, depression and asthma)
  • Access to primary care providers during extended evening & weekend hours for urgent problems
  • An electronic medical record keeping system allowing Taddle Creek clinicians to communicate effectively regarding the care they provide

Note:  At this time Taddle Creek FHT's nurse practitioners are accepting new patient applications.  Our nurse practitioners are located at our Bay and College sites.  If partnering with a nurse practitioner on your care is something you would like to explore contact one of our Bay and College Sites to make a new patient appointment.   

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