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Primary Care at Home

The PrimaryCare@Home Program through the Taddle Creek Family Health Team aims to provide home visits to older adults who are unable to access primary care in the clinic for medical, cognitive and/or social reasons. A social worker, pharmacist and other community partners including the CCAC help a family physician and physician assistant provide in-home primary care.

In order for a person to receive care, they generally must:

  • Have difficulty accessing a primary care provider (ie. family physician or nurse practitioner) because of physical, cognitive and/or social issues
  • Be over 65 years old with a valid OHIP card
  • Consent to an initial assessment by the team and be willing to have their care transferred from their current primary care provider to the PrimaryCare@Home team
  • Live in the PrimaryCare@Home program catchment area, which includes the following postal codes: M5P, M4V, M5R, M5T, M5V, M5J, M5G, M6C, M6G, M6J, M5V
  • Not live in a retirement home or long term care facility

Application and Referral Process:

Anyone can make a referral, though many come from the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) and hospitals. The PrimaryCare@Home program is currently accepting referrals.

The PrimaryCare@Home referral form is available here.

Please note, as of Friday Apr 17, 2015, the estimated wait time is around mid June.

Please complete the form and fax it to 416-585-5815.

The team reviews applications weekly and will attempt to contact the referral source within several weeks of receiving the referral to arrange for next steps.

An initial in-home consultation will be completed to assess whether the program is able to adequately meet the needs of individuals seeking care.

Should you have questions, please feel free to call 416-260-1315.


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