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A Board of Directors, composed of the primary care physicians, administers the Taddle Creek Family Health Team.  

The Board is responsible for the governance and management of the Corporation's affairs and for all things made in the Corporation's name.  More specifically the Board's responsibilities include:

  • Strategic planning for the Corporation;
  • Establish and review objectives;
  • Establish Board goals and objectives to ensure effective & efficient governance for the Corporation;
  • Establish policies which will provide the framework for the management and operation of the Corporation;
  • To employ and pay salaries to employees, contractors, and/or workers to assist the Corporation to meet its goals and objectives;
  • To ensure that individuals hired by the Corporation are properly qualified to perform their requisite duties; and
  • To approve expenditures of the Corporation for amounts in excess of $10,000.00.

The Board has created an Executive Committee who meets regularly to discuss strategic planning, financial/human resource/risk management and indicators of success.

Taddle Creek Family Health Team's administrator reports to the Board, while the interdisciplinary health providers jointly report to the administrator and lead physician.


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